Ocean Drifters

On exhibit

Moon Jellies

Lagoon Jellies

Atlantic Sea Nettles

The Ocean Drifters Gallery is a changing exhibit that displays sea jellies, or jellyfish, found both locally and abroad. At any time you may find moon jellies, Atlantic sea nettles, lagoon jellies, white-spotted jellies, blue blubbers, or other species gracefully swimming in the exhibits. Sea jellies are seasonal by nature, and the animals on exhibit are continually changing over the course of the year.

The exhibits in this gallery are unique in their shape and how the water flows. The tanks are specially designed with constant water currents to keep the jellies moving throughout the exhibit. The sea jellies are fed a diet of live plankton, including newly hatched brine shrimp, three times a day. If your visit coincides with feeding time, you may be lucky enough to see the jellies grabbing their live food with their tentacles, and moving it into the stomach chambers.

Although not on display at Waikiīkī Aquarium, the box jelly is well known in Hawai‘i for its monthly invasion of our beaches.