We ask all community groups to make reservations for self-guided visits in order to obtain special group admission fees. Community groups are defined as organizations other than school institutions.

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Special Presentations

Hawaiians and the Sea – Learn how early Hawaiians used the sea for food, medicine.
What is Coral, and why is it important? – An overview of coral and the implications of climate change
Natural History of Hawai‘i – Take a closer look at what makes Hawai‘i’s underwater environment so unique.
Hawaiian Monk Seals – Learn about seals in the wild and at the Aquarium. Play the Monk seal training game! Programs for kids group and adult groups.
Other Presentations – Let us know what your group is interested in learning, we can adapt any our programs.

AGES: 5-years to Adult, we can help to find a program that is suitable for your group
CLASS CAPACITY: 15 to 50 people
DAYS/TIMES: Monday to Friday
COST: $50 and up, Separate admission fees may apply.

Premium Presentations

Wonders of Waikīkī Aquarium – The Animals and Stories of the Aquarium (includes highlights Tour).
Hawaiian Reef Animals – Get up close with the animals of the reef (Includes hands-on lab)
Snorkeler’s Guide – Snorkeling is more fun if you know what you’re seeing (includes an exhibit scavenger hunt).

AGES: 8-years to Adult
DAYS/TIMES: Monday to Friday
COST: Please inquire $75 plus an activity fee

Aquarium After Dark

An after-dark flashlight search of the exhibits emphasizing the differences between the nocturnal reef and diurnal reef and its inhabitants.

AGES: 5-years to Adult (Suited to school groups, community groups and scout troops)
CLASS CAPACITY: 25 to 55 people
DAYS/TIMES: Monday to Friday Evenings, after sunset
COST: $10/person

Fish School

Discover what makes a fish a fish and other adaptations of these animals to their environment! Hands-on, interactive presentation; followed by a scavenger hunt.

AGES: 6-years to Adult (Ideal for school groups, home school groups or scout troops)
CLASS CAPACITY: Max 30 people
DAYS/TIMES: Monday to Friday, Daytime
COST: $7/person

Private Aquarium Tours

Waikīkī Aquarium – Uncovered! Learn the secrets of Waikīkī Aquarium on an after-hours tour. Explore both behind-the-scenes and in the beautiful galleries.

AGES: 6-years to Adult (Ideal for family groups, home school groups or scout troops)
CLASS CAPACITY: Max 30 people
DAYS/TIMES: Monday to Friday late afternoon or early evening
COST: $15/person