School Programs

The Waikīkī Aquarium School Program schedules visits for over 25,000 school age children
each year. Get in the splash of things and make a reservation now!

  • Docent-Guided
    A 75-minute program led by staff and trained volunteer docents. It features a 30-minute interactive classroom presentation followed by a 45-minute guided tour of the Aquarium. Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance. Program fee $60.
  • Self-Guided
    Teachers of all grade levels, from preschool through college, may make reservations for one-hour self-guided tours. It is a way to enrich students’ knowledge, work on special projects and broaden students’ experience. Reservations required.
  • Special Presentations
    Presentations are offered for all grade levels including high school, college and adult education (as staffing and Aquarium classroom space permit). The Aquarium classroom can accommodate up to 50 people. Program fees begin at $50, depending on the presentation and preparation time. Separate admission fees may apply.
  • From October through May, the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are reserved for K – 6th grade school groups who attend docent-assisted educational programs. All other times are available for 1 hour self-guided visits by qualified groups such as organized school, club, senior citizen, and community groups. Reservations required. Before you call to make a reservation please have the following information available:
    • Type of visit you would like
    • Choice of dates and times
    • School or organization name
    • Name of contact (teacher, group leader)
    • School or organization street address
    • Phone number of contact person
    • E-mail address of contact person
    • Number of students
    • Number of chaperones
    • Grade level
  • Docent-Guided Tour Checklist

    Self-Guided School Checklist