Coral Farm

In this exhibit

Emperor angelfish
Black tang
Staghorn coral
Flowerpot coral
Photosynthetic gorgonian

The Waikīkī Aquarium has pioneered efforts to cultivate corals in aquariums. Corals require clean, low-nutrient water, warm temperatures, and bright sunlight, which are easily provided in this outdoor environment. In addition, a 250 gallon (950 liter) surge device creates the necessary turbulent water motion around the corals in the exhibit. By carefully removing branches from large coral colonies and replanting them on special trays we can continually grow new coral colonies, which may grow 8″ (20 cm) per year. We have shipped more than five thousand corals grown in this facility to public aquariums and researchers around the world. You may even see some of these corals in aquariums in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Long Beach, New York, Newport News, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Sandy, Virginia Beach and other cities.