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Welcome to Waikiki Aquarium

Hawaiʻi’s Window to the Sea

On behalf of everyone at the Waikiki Aquarium, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—this includes not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family, those whose jobs, schools and studies have been impacted, and so many more. Our focus is, as always, on the health and safety of our employees, visitors and the local community.

The situation is changing rapidly, and to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus, we have made the prudent decision, based upon CDC, State of Hawaii and the University of Hawaii at Manoa guidelines, to temporarily close the Aquarium from 5:00 PM, Tuesday, March 17th. Evening events will also be canceled until further notice.

We realize the impact this closure can have on our staff and all who visit the Aquarium, and this is not a decision we made lightly. The Aquarium will reopen at an undecided date, based upon the COVID-19 situation.

There is no question that this is a time of great uncertainty. While we don’t know exactly what the future may hold, we feel confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we, as a community, will emerge from this stronger than before.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Please enjoy the ocean from the information and activities that we have available via our website and social networks while you stay safe and stay in place.

Andrew Rossiter (Dr)
Director, Waikiki Aquarium