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Becoming a Friends of the Waikīkī Aquarium (FOWA) member enables marine life enthusiasts of all ages to unlimited admission to the Aquarium for an entire year as well as opportunities for participation in Aquarium-sponsored activities. Membership contributions make it possible for the Aquarium to maintain its stunning tropical marine exhibits, launch new and exciting exhibits, offer educational programs and classes to students of all ages, and continue efforts in marine life conservation and preservation. Membership contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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Become a Member

Membership Benefits

  • A full year of free admission to the Aquarium (Members must show a valid photo id and membership card to receive their free admission)
  • Invitations to exclusive Member-only Aquarium events
  • Advance notice and discounted ticket prices for special events including the Ke Kani O Ke Kai summer concert series
  • Discounts and advance notification about classes and educational programs
  • Our beautiful and informative quarterly magazine, Kilo i’a
  • 20% discount at the Natural Selection gift shop (excluding books)
  • Rental of the Aquarium for evening events (available every day except Wednesdays, based on availability)
  • Free saltwater pick-up for home/office aquariums
  • Free or discounted admission to select 2018 Reciprocal Lists across the country
  • Special offers from partner organizations.

We invite you to join us!

For more information, call us (Mondays – Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. HST) or send us an email at

Already a member and need to renew your membership? If so, please complete a Membership Application Form, using one of the ways listed above. Indicate your membership renewal by checking the corresponding box and submit it to us today to continue your benefits!

Give Membership

Give the gift of a Waikīkī Aquarium Membership! Looking for the perfect gift for that special family member or marine life enthusiast on your list that gives year-round? A membership to the Waikīkī Aquarium is sure to keep the recipient swimming with glee all year long! And it makes gift-giving easy for you. A Waikīkī Aquarium Membership enables families and marine life enthusiasts of all ages unlimited admission to the Aquarium and participation in Aquarium-sponsored activities for an entire year. And, best of all for you, Membership contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. When you purchase a Gift Membership, you also have the option of having the Membership packet (that includes member I.D. cards and welcome information) sent directly to the recipient or it can be sent to you for in-person gift giving. Gift Memberships can also be personalized with a marine life-themed “gift message” from you to the recipient. To purchase a gift membership, simply click here to download a Membership Application Form (your information should be entered in the “Gift Membership” section of the form and the information about the recipient of the membership should be entered in the “Member Information” section). You can also purchase a gift membership online using a credit card! Please allow at least two weeks for Gift Membership processing. For more information, call us (Mondays – Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm HST) or send us an email at

Membership Sign-ups and Renewals

Dear Waikīkī Aquarium Ohana,

On August 15, 2017, the Waikīkī Aquarium will be moving most membership sign-ups and renewals to the online option on our website. To get membership, click the Register online button above and fill out the form.  Membership levels are described on the right of the page. The monthly renewal reminders will be mailed as usual.

The advantages to this are you can sign-up from anywhere, you are immediately in the system, and paper will be saved. Your membership documents will be mailed out as normal.

Thank you for supporting the Aquarium and its mission to inspire and promote understanding, appreciation, and conservation of Pacific marine life.